Motley Crue share details on their ‘old school’ new music

John 5 performs as special guest for Queensryche at Saint Andrews Hall. Detroit^ Michigan / USA - 02-13-2020

Motley Crue guitarist John 5 is sharing details about the new music that the band is working on, calling the band’s sound ‘old school’, and similar to the group’s debut album, “Too Fast For Love”.

John 5 told Illinois Entertainer: “We have recorded some songs with Bob Rock (producer). Just the other day, Nikki (Sixx / bass) called me and he was playing guitar over the phone, and he’ll play a riff, and he’ll sing this melody, and it sounded like it could be something off of Too Fast For Love. It’s just natural for him to write these songs that I have loved and lots of other people have loved. I think we’re always going to make new music, because, man, this guy is pumping out amazing lyrics and great music. When we all get together, it’s pretty magical.”

Drummer Tommy Lee also recently spoke about new music in an interview The Desert Sun: “Wait until you hear it, it’s insane. It’s not a full album, but that might be down the road a bit. We’re always writing and doing stuff, so that’s always a possibility down the road. But we just went to the studio not too long ago and recorded three insane tracks and one of them is called ‘Dogs Of War.’ We’re just finishing up the video for it. For those jonesing for some new Crue, people are going to bug out. John 5 is playing on it, the guitar work is incredible and it sounds sick.”

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