Aerosmith transferring their entire music catalog to Universal Music Group ahead of their 50th anniversary

Coming shortly ahead of Aerosmith’s 50th anniversary in 2022, Aerosmith is transferring their entire catalog of work to Universal Music Group (UMG), a deal that encompasses the band’s recorded music, various audio and video, merchandise throughout their nearly 50-year career, in addition to any future projects. UMG will become home to Aerosmith’s entire recorded music catalog, including the band’s most successful multi-platinum albums, as well as the band’s back catalog of earlier releases from the ’70s, including their 1973 self-titled debut.

The new deal with UMG will also oversee all of the band’s future projects across music, film, TV, and more. Band members Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, and Brad Whitford have also given UMG access to the “Vindaloo Vaults” and material from the personal archives, including never-before-seen-and-heard music, video footage, photos, artwork, setlists, journals, and memorabilia, which they will curate.

Aerosmith co-founder and lead guitarist Joe Perry in a statement: “It’s been a long road but I’m extremely happy and proud to say on behalf of Aerosmith we have been able to bring our 50 years of music under one roof by partnering with UMG. This will allow us to bring our music to our fans in ways we never were able to before. It’s something we’ve dreamed about happening for a long time. It’s a win for Aerosmith, UMG, and ultimately our fans. Needless to say, we are very excited. It’s an incredible way to celebrate 50 years and the many more years to come.”

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